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Esther too

Esther Rantzen has become the fifth celebrity out of the Jungle.  I didn’t really see that coming but it may have had something to do with her whacking out yesterday with the fire, which was hilarious. 

She's Out
She’s Out

So the dullards are slowly leaving the jungle, please let it be Brian, I can’t stand him.


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Timmy Mallett Is Out

Timmy Mallett has lost the head to head bush tucker trial against Brian Paddick and become the fourth celebrity to leave the jungle.  Brian won the challenge 3-1 and headed back to camp a smug winner but did show his wimpish side complaining to Ant and Dec that Timmy pinched him during the final challenge. 

The challenge was awkward to watch and you could feel the tension that neither celebrity liked each other, luckily we had Ant and Dec to keep the calm.

Timmy's Out

Now David Van Day has lost his ally how will he fare in the jungle with the rest of the group turning against him?

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It’s All Over For Ruth

Well my predictions were completely wrong, but it has obviously gone on popularity this week.  Ruth Lorenzo is out of The X Factor competition, she has previously been in the bottom two twice before and on the first week where it was purely the public vote that saved the contestants Ruth was out.

Goodbye... see you soon
Goodbye… see you soon

I have no doubt JLS had the second lest amount of votes, but because there is no longer a bottom two the saved contestants names were called randomly in no particular order.

A happy Britney Spears also performed her hit single ‘Womanizer’ on the results show (yes she mimed).  Britney fan’s would be able to tell that she’s nowhere near her best but we’re just happy she’s still alive.  The performance lacked the va va voom and sex appeal we’re used to from Britney but I have no doubt by the time her tour comes to a town she’ll be back to her Britney best.

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Brian or Timmy

Brian Paddick and Timmy Mallet received the lowest number of votes in today’s show.  The twist, however, is that both celebrity’s will take part in a head to head bush tucker trial called ‘Last Chance Saloon’.  The winner of this trial will win immunity from the next eviction, the loser will leave the jungle and become the forth celebrity to do so.


Which one goes we’ll find out tomorrow.

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Stop Being A Wuss

I love it, Martina has finally told Brian ‘Wet Blanket’ Paddick to stop being a wuss.  This man was the highest ranking gay police officer in Britain yet he has absolutely no balls at all.  I truly can’t stand the man.  Yes David Van Day annoys me and Timmy needs to grow up, but what I hate most is people who have no opinion and who are wishy washy.  Brian Paddick needs to go.

Said what's on all our minds

Said what

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It’s All About Alexandra

So the main show has just finished and as far as I’m concerned Alexandra Burke has to win.  I normally watch The X Factor simply to see how it plays out, I never vote, the last time I voted was for Will Young to win Pop Idol so you see where I’m coming from.  Alexandra’s second performance of Beyonce’s ‘Silence’ from ‘Dream Girls’ was absolutely amazing, her performance was emotionally charged and her tears at the end even brought tears to me eye.  Alexandra has the full package, she has the looks, can dance and has the pipes.  With time she could be as good as Beyonce Knowles herself.

As far as the other acts go, everyone seemed to struggle with the Britney songs and that was mainly because no one can do what Britney does, it’s not just the song it’s the whole performance she gives.  Ruth Lorenzo gave two fantastic performances, the first ‘I Love Rock & Roll’ was a predictable song choice but was the perfect choice none the less.  Ruth’s performance of Bon Jovi’s ‘Always’ was strong but Ruth seems to struggle on the parts she can’t belt.  The only thing about Ruth is that I’m not sure the public like her, that could be the only thing stopping her from progressing.

Now for my predictions… JLS and Diana are in trouble, Diana has not grown in this competition at all.  At the beginning Diana was my winner but now she’s the same every week showing no variety.  I think this could be the end of the road for either Diana or JLS.

I haven’t mentioned Eoghan Quigg because although he struggled with his performance of ‘Sometimes’ he is still so cute.  I did not like the High School musical performance, I really think Simon is obsessed with HSM 3.

Check back later for who went home and what I thought of the Ms Spears performance.  Miley Cyrus performed her hit song ‘7 Things’ this was probably the only time Miley has ever been uptaged, we really didn’t care she was there.  Still love you Miley.

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He Didn’t Win a Singing Competition

Britain’s Got Talent Winner George Sampson was on GMTV this week talking about his new single ‘Headz Up’.  I was really confused as I was sure George Sampson won because of his dance skills not singing??  Since winning Britain’s got Talent, George has appeared in hit West End show ‘Into The Hoods’ which if you’ve seen the show know that was the perfect thing for George to do, but again no singing was involved.

George Sampson’s appearance on GMTV was damage control as it was being reported in the press that his single ‘Headz Up’ had gone into the charts at number 26, now to a Rock/Indie band that would be seen as a success but for cheesy ‘make a quick buck’ pop acts this is very poor.  Simon Cowell who signed George to his Syco label under SonyBMG had estimated George to enter the charts within the top 10 so you can see why the press was reporting his failure.  Looking comfortable on the GMTV sofa George was full of excuses and apparently his lack of chart sucess was down to the fact that there was a problem downloading his single, so when last Sunday’s chart was calculated it was minus his download figures… Whatever.

Watching George’s video (muted) it is very reminiscent of Chris Brown’s ‘Run It’, the dancing is phenomenal and George looks great.  When I made the mistake of un-muting the video it reminded of a Daphne and Celeste song, ‘You Ugly’.  It’s the cheesy pop done in a really poor way I despise.  I love Simon Cowell but he is destroying British music and I can’t believe he forced Same Difference upon us again.

Watch the video above and you will see George is a great dancer, but my advice would be to stay away from music.  The performance he gives while dancing suggest he may be able to act, ‘Step Up 3’ anyone???

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Who Let The WAG Out

Carly Zucker has become the third celebrity to be voted out of the jungle, the second of the IT girls in the Jungle this now only leaves Nicola; Dani was voted out yesterday.  Personal Trainer and WAG Carly has been one of the dullest contestants in the jungle this year with absolutely no personality to give whatsoever.

She's Out!
She’s out

 Carly has constantly complained about missing her fiance Joe Cole, missing home and disliking the bugs.  Lets not forget that Carly chose to be in the jungle and probably did this to increase her fame and has only been in the jungle less that two weeks, the rest of her time in Oz has been spent at the 6 star Versace Hotel.  Really, not much to complain about is it.

David Van Day who celebrated his birthday yesterday found Nicola’s behaviour rude as she did not join in with any of the merriment.  There is going to be a huge blowout so please keep them both in so we have time to see the fireworks… Please

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Britney: For the Record

Sneak peak into her life

Sneak peak into her life

Britney Spears: For the Record is premiering on MTV in the US this Sunday and hits UK Screens Monday 1st December @ 8pm on Sky One.  This is an exclusive look into the pop starlets life after her mammoth meltdown in 2007 which climaxed with the star losing custody of her 2 boys.

Britney is currently in overdrive mode determined to make her comeback a success and after her first performance since the VMA 2007 fiasco last night in Germany, Britney is determined to take her crown as Pop Princess.

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I’m at home after a long day a work, flicking the channels as I always do and begin watching ’10 Things I Hate About You’.  Since Heath Ledger’s death this film has been on Sky pretty much every other week.  When this film came out in the late 90s it was pretty much an all star cast involving the who’s who of young Hollywood circa 1998.  Unfortunately many of the faces in this movie, bar Heath Ledger, Julia Stiles, Gabrielle Union and David Krumholtz, have disappeared into the ether.  This had led me to ask this question…

Where are they now?.. 10 Things I Hate About You

played Bianca Stratford

played Bianca Stratford

Larisa Oleynik played lead character Bianca Stratford in the movie and was also the star of hit Nikelodeon show ‘The Secret World of Alex Mack’.  Larisa in her prime set the standard for child stars like Hilary Duff, Shia LeBeouf and Amanda Bynes, so where did it all go wrong?? 

It was the transition movie, this is the movie that takes a child star and turns them into an adult actor.  Larisa has not yet found this role, the problem could also have been her decision to attend college full time.  Larisa left the Hollywood game at a pivotal point in her career when she should have maybe been reading scripts and getting herself out there.  I am not dismissing the need for education, but if you want to be an actor and you have a career do you really need to put it on hold to get a degree? 

Larisa is currently reading scripts and jobbing as an actor, she is 27 years old.
played Cameron James

played Cameron James

Joseph Gordon-Levitt played Bianca’s love interest Cameron James, like Larisa, Joseph was also in a hit TV show ‘Third Rock From The Sun’.  Joseph’s career has been slightly more eventful than Larisa’s and he too chose to attend University.  Joseph’s breakout role was in the movie ‘Brick’ in which he played a teenage loner trying to find out what happened to his ex girlfriend.  Levitt found the type of role he was best playing and went with it, he has since appeared in hit show ‘Numbers’ with fellow 10 Things co-star David Krumholtz.
Joseph is currently filming ‘The Frog King’ with Darren Star, dating Marilyn Manson’s ex Evan Rachel Wood and is 27.
played Joey Donner

played Joey Donner

Andrew Keegan played slime-ball Joey Donner.  Andrew was the hot guy of the moment who showed up as the sleazy guy everyone fancied in many movies and TV shows including ‘O’ with Julia Styles, ‘Boy Meets World’, ‘Sabrina The Teenage Witch’ and ‘Moesha’.  Andrew’s career began to falter with age, there was still a need for the slimy hot guy but as Andrew became older it was less acceptable to have Andrew continue to play that character.
Andrew has appeared in many TV shows that have bombed and has just completed ‘Fast glass’ with Nick Carter.  andrew is 29 years old.
played Mandella

played Mandella

Susan May Pratt played cooky Mandella, Kat Stratford’s best friend.  Susan was the hardest member of the cast to find out where she is now.  Susan’s career never really took off and like most actors in Hollywood is still trying to find that place where she can relax slightly.  Susan has had bit parts in hit shows ‘Ghost Whisperer’ and ‘Dragnet’ and was also part of the small ensemble cast in the film ‘Adrift’.
Susan is currently reading scripts and is 34 years old.

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