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Crazy Sentencing

Well we all heard the story of 21 year Aaron Billington, the pastry chef who vandalised Jamiroquai’s front man JayKay’s Ferrari Enzo right?  Well Mr Billington was sentanced today to 20 weeks jail time, he was punished for not answering bail, leaving a B&B without paying and inflicting £10,000 worth of damage to Jay Kay’s sports car.

The damaged motor

The damaged motor

It seems Aaron Billington isn’t that bright but that’s not the reason I’m writing this.  The reason is these unbalanced sentences being handed out as it seems if you damage someones property that carries a heftier punishment than if you were to damage an actual human being.  This is what I think is crazy, Aaron Billington probably would have been better off popping Jay Kay in the face than attacking his car… It’s crazy.  Also let me point out that in no way am I condoning violence I’m just making a point, I also rather like Jay Kay so wouldn’t want anyone hitting him anyway. 

The law definately seems to favour property over people and celebrity over the unknown.  Someone please tell me how this is fair?


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