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Kelly’s (NOT) Got Talent

Well it was exactly a week ago news broke that Kelly Brook was to become the 4th judge on hit ITV1 show ‘Britain’s Got Talent’ alongside Piers Morgan, Simon Cowell and Wort-face but how thing change. 

Today Kelly has been asked to leave the show, the ultimate humiliation.



 Apparently Kelly as a forth judge didn’t fit the shows format, funny that, as on all the other talent shows 4 judges has worked perfectly.

Was there in-house fighting, we all know Amanda “wort-face” Holden wasn’t pleased, also Ant and Dec were not too happy either as they found out about Kelly’s addition along with everyone else on the first day of the Manchester auditions last Tuesday…  couldn’t be good for their egos.

There is also a chance that Kelly is just not very bright and although she looks great may not have that much to give opinion wise.  Let’s not forget Kelly was sacked from Channel 4’s ‘Big Breakfast’ for being dim and not having personality.

Kelly has been publicly dumped yet again but not all is lost she has a hot boyfriend and looks pretty damn good in a bikini.  Maybe Kelly should just stick to bikini modelling… something so pretty doesn’t have to speak.

You can catch Kelly in her limited run role as guest 4th judge this spring when the Manchester auditions are aired on ITV1


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New Britain’s Got Talent Judge

Britain’s Got Talent has taken the lead from The X Factor and added a new hottie to the Judges table.  Amanda ‘wort face’ Holden may have been the golden girl in the past season’s of the Simon Cowell led hit ITV show but a new broad is in town. 

Kelly Brook has been confirmed as a new 4th judge of the hit show… lets see if she gets the seat next to the man himself.

New Judge

New Judge

In the summer Cheryl Cole was added to ‘The X Factor’ lineup and it completely changed her career, she has now become a British National treasure.  Adding Kelly to the lineup of ‘Britain’s Got Talent’ is seen to be an attempt to re-create that magic. 

What will Amanda think?..

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He Didn’t Win a Singing Competition

Britain’s Got Talent Winner George Sampson was on GMTV this week talking about his new single ‘Headz Up’.  I was really confused as I was sure George Sampson won because of his dance skills not singing??  Since winning Britain’s got Talent, George has appeared in hit West End show ‘Into The Hoods’ which if you’ve seen the show know that was the perfect thing for George to do, but again no singing was involved.

George Sampson’s appearance on GMTV was damage control as it was being reported in the press that his single ‘Headz Up’ had gone into the charts at number 26, now to a Rock/Indie band that would be seen as a success but for cheesy ‘make a quick buck’ pop acts this is very poor.  Simon Cowell who signed George to his Syco label under SonyBMG had estimated George to enter the charts within the top 10 so you can see why the press was reporting his failure.  Looking comfortable on the GMTV sofa George was full of excuses and apparently his lack of chart sucess was down to the fact that there was a problem downloading his single, so when last Sunday’s chart was calculated it was minus his download figures… Whatever.

Watching George’s video (muted) it is very reminiscent of Chris Brown’s ‘Run It’, the dancing is phenomenal and George looks great.  When I made the mistake of un-muting the video it reminded of a Daphne and Celeste song, ‘You Ugly’.  It’s the cheesy pop done in a really poor way I despise.  I love Simon Cowell but he is destroying British music and I can’t believe he forced Same Difference upon us again.

Watch the video above and you will see George is a great dancer, but my advice would be to stay away from music.  The performance he gives while dancing suggest he may be able to act, ‘Step Up 3’ anyone???

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