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Please Please Please Ulrika To Go

I’ve been checking in now and then with Celebrity Big Brother and tonight is Eviction night. 

Cash cow

Cash cow

Ulrika hasn’t particularly offended me and I dislike Lucy Pinder way more but for the extortionate amount of money Endemol paid to have Ulrika on the show I want her to go.  £170,000 was a huge waste of money which could have gone on much better things so please vote her out.   If she stays I hope she walks as then she won’t get the cash, either option works for me.

I predict it will be Lucy leaving the house but heres hoping.


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Celebrity Big Brother Is Here

2009 has kicked off to a chavtastic with Channel 4 launching Celebrity Big Brother 2009.  There are a couple of questionable but all in all its a stellar bunch.

First into the house was La Toya Jackson, the stripping Playboy posing Jackson sister.  Apart from the usual Jackson nose which they all seem to have (must have got a family discount) she seemed to be the most real out of the Jackson bunch, she sounded completely normal just like a girl from the valley.  Second to enter the house was former Sugababe Mutya Buena.

More Sugalump than Sugababe

More Sugalump than Sugababe

 I was convinced Mutya was pregnant with her second child after seeing her enter the house because excluding her freekishly skinny legs baby got Back, Side and Front.  I really hope for her sake she is pregnant because she has piled on some very unflattering pounds… Her records didn’t sell that badly did they?

Verne Troyer was the third housemate to go in and as one of the smallest men in the world it was slightly uncomfortable watching him struggle to drag his bag from the diary room and into the house.  I know Big Brother likes to push the limits but for me this is a tad too far and especially after Davina made the “Ahhhh so cute” comments, wrong wrong wrong.   This isn’t the first time in a reality TV house for Troyer a few of years ago he appeared in the series ‘The Surreal Life’ where on one very awkward night he got very drunk, stripped naked and peed in the corner…  Let’s home there’s no repeat in this series.

Fourth in the house was someone I don’t really care about or know but he was in politics, that’s probably why I blacked out.  All I know is he got a lot of boos.Then in no particular order was Coolio, glamour girl Lucy Pinder, former boybander Ben Adams, Michelle Heaton, former ‘The Word’ presenter Terry Christian, ‘Shameless’ star Tina Malone and Queen Wench Ulrika Jonsson.



Big breasted (yes they’re real) Lucy Pinder got the most boos of the night because of her snooty comments pretty much separating herself from humanity.  If you really don’t want to be put in the same box as Jordan or glamour models why get your baps out for money.  Face it, you’re one step up from a stripper… we don’t care if you have a brain.
There will definitely be fireworks in this series and my moneys on Ulrika being the celebrity who has a meltdown this year. 
Let the games begin.

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Celebrity Big Brother Is Coming

it's Coming

it's Coming

After controversy in 2007 involving Jade Goody, Shilpa Shetty, Danielle Lloyd and Jo O’Meara you may have thought no D-lister in their right mind would think about being in the house… Well we all thought wrong Celebrity Big Brother is returning to Channel 4 in the New Year. 

Who’s going to be in the house?  Answers on a postcard please.

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