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Is Sarah Beeny Really the Answer?

It seems online dating isn’t as embarrassing as it used to be, people freely sign-up and aren’t even ashamed anymore.  So after being single for quite a while with the gentle nudge of a few friends I took the leap and went online.  There are plenty of sites out there but the one that seems to be kicking ass in London is My Single Friend, a site set up by property genius and TV presenter Sarah Beeny.

My single  Friendseems to be the most socially accepted dating sight in London and is full of professionals and media types looking for dates…  Some of them are even pretty hot, of course some are not. 

My friend Julia wrote a nice summary of me and I wanted it to be honest so had nothing to do with what she said, I don’t believe in selling serloin steak if you’re only rocking value burgers.  So with my profile and pictures all ready to go I was finally approved and in the online dating community.  Okay so  I wasn’t sure how the whole thing worked but the helpful welcome email gave me a few tips, so I happily went into the search options and began adding men into my favourites.  I found it quite weird having to judge people on the way they looked but of course this was the name of the game so I carried on. 

After 1 day online I began getting quite a few emails, some where even from guys I found attractive which was pretty cool and quite unexpected.  It’s really hard trying to judge and get to know people simply on emails but I gave it a go.  As time began to pass I did start to see why these people were single, online dating is definitely a niche market and there are quite a few “special” people signed up.  After 9 days I decided to delete my profile as the online dating thing definitely wasn’t for me but in those 9 days I had 3 dates lined up so even though it wasn’t for me it was definitely worth the £18.

Dating is a funny thing and I met 3 nice guys, but 2 of them were simply just nice and although you have never met me I need more than just nice.  I also found it odd that one of the guys when emailing and texting always mentioned he was off to the gym and when we met at our Liverpool Street rendezvous looked like he hadn’t seen a gym in years.  If’s funny as I just wouldn’t have mentioned it in the first place.

Online Dating Guru Sarah Beeny

Online Dating Guru Sarah Beeny

So if you’re a single guy or gal living in London is Sarah the answer?..  Well no, I think if you’re out having a coffee, in a bar or anywhere and someone catches your eye go up to them and say hello…  Seriously what is the worst that could happen?  London has become this hard rock where no one talks to each other and if you’re not in a certain group can be a very lonely and uninspiring place.  Talk, smile and take more risks and you’ll all see that Sarah Beeny although a help isn’t the answer to singledom.

What are my plans after the online dating experience?.. A night out on the townn with the girls where we will have fun and talk to anyone that takes our fancy.


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Is Rihanna Really That Stupid?

People Magazine is reporting that Rihanna is back with her reported abusive partner Chris Brown, but is this true?  People Magazine often print false articles, although I’m sure this isn’t on purpose, but the thing with “a close source” is that this “source” could be talking a load of bull.  The thing with celebrity is that only they know the truth. 

Rihanna’s parents and friends are said to not have wanted the couple back together and after that police picture was leaked last week by TMZ this whole incident became real with not only those close to Rihanna but the general public also.  This story is being reported all over the world and domestic abuse victims are looking to Rihanna to maybe become the public face and bring this issue to the forefront.  Yes Rihanna didn’t choose to be in this role but sometimes you are put in positions and you just have to step up. 

Back together?

Back together?

So what impact will Rihanna getting back with Chris Brown have?  Well for him it could be the difference between career suicide, which is where he is now and salvaging a career with the possibility of still making records, which I’m guessing is where he wants to be.  Chris Brown’s career will never be the same after this but there is a chance he could still have one and one thing that would help this is Rihanna publicly forgiving him. 

But what about Rihanna, how will this affect her?  Well after the attack her album sales had a rise of 31% in the week following, this brought her album back into the top 30 on the Bilboard charts, Chris Brown’s failed to make the top 200.  Now top 30 may not seem that much but the album Good Girl Gone Bad was released in 2007 and has already had 8 top 10 singles released from it so really it should be falling off the charts.  Rihanna will also be asked to do a lot of press and guest appearances and her worldwide profile is definitely on a major rise.  Also we are all waiting to see how she makes her move back into music following the attack and let’s face it if it’s a new single and video we will all be watching.  Getting back with Chris Brown however may be a not so good move for her career wise as it shows her as weak and makes the incident less spectacular, it definitely makes him look a lot better.

BUT… and there is a big but, People Magazine may have got the whole thing completely wrong which wouldn’t be a first and this whole Rihanna back with Chris thing t may come to nothing.  Chris Brown’s hearing is this Thursday 5th March so providing it isn’t pushed back we have to just wait and see how this story unfolds and I’m am sure there is still so much more to come.

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What’s the deal with Chris Brown?

So Chris Brown allegedly flipped out and beat Rihanna, the real question here is has he done it before?  For this to be so public and so out of control Chris would have had to have been on some serious drugs or this wasn’t the first time he’s attached her before. 

Chris Brown who has already had two hit albums and numerous sponsorship and commercial deals under his belt at just 19 years old is seeing his career crumble around him.  His squeaky clean image of no drink or drugs is coming back to bite him on the ass, lets face it no one would bat an eyelid if it was 50 cent in Chris’ place, but Chris Brown it’s just shocking.

Fallen star

Fallen star

Neither Chris or Rihanna have made statements and both are currently in hiding.  Chris is currently in hiding at the Hard Rock Hotel in Vegas and Rihanna is M.I.A. staying with friends.  The silence needs to be broken and one of them need to make an appearance soon because rumourville is getting out of hand.

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Paul Walker Verging on Immoral

Reports that Fast And The Furious star, Paul Walker, 35, was engaged to his long-term teenage girlfriend Jasmine Pilchard-Gosnall, 19, have been fiercely denied.

Although the couple are not engaged the story did highlight the fact that Paul has been dating unknown Jasmine for over 3 years, that means the pair started dating when Paul was 32 and Jasmine was 16.   Now is it just me or is this age difference verging on Peadophillic?  Jasmine was 16 when they announced they were dating but who’s to say they weren’t dating beforehand. 

Wrong, wrong, wrong

Wrong, wrong, wrong

I though Hayden Panetierre, 18, and Milo Ventimiglia, 31, was a bit wrong and Miley Cyrus, 15, and her model 20 year old boyfriend was also questionable, but Paul and Jasmine have won 1st prize in the sicko category.

I have just one question, what kind of parent lets their 16 year old daughter date a 32 year old?  Some folks have no shame, Paul you were hot but this is sick.   “Fast & Furious” the 4th instalment of the hit franchise hits movie theatres this summer and reunites original cast members cradle snatcher Paul Walker, Homo Hard-man Vin Diesel, Bad girl Michelle Rodriguez and has-been Jordanna Brewster.

Paul Walker take a long hard look at yourself man.

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Chris Brown Arrested for Assault

It seems music’s most stylish and sexy couple havecrash landed in dramaville.  On Saturday night at Clive Davis’ Pre-Grammys party, Rihanna and Chris Brown got into a huge blowout which resulted in the missus being hospitalized.

Turbulant Times

Turbulent Times

Apparently the fight erupted as the couple were leaving and getting into their car.  Rihanna was left with visible injuries and Chris Brown left the scene and Rihanna to call 911.  Rihanna’s car was seen parked outside LA’s Cedars Sinai Medical Centre at around 3am Sunday morning.

A warrent was issued for Chris Brown’s arrest Sunday morning and at 6.30pm yesterday Chris Brown turned himself in.

If this story is true and Chris Brown really is a woman beater, his career will be severely damaged.  Not only has he hit a woman but he hit Rihanna the biggest woman in music right now.  Let’s wait for the fallout.

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Christian Bale Goes American Psycho

We all know method Actor Christian Bale has a temper on him but this really does take the biscuit.  Back in July on the set of Terminator: Salvation, where Bale is playing the iconic part of John Connor, Bale completely lost it and started to lay into the Director of Photography.



Now on a film set the Director of Photography (DP) is a very important and crucial member of the crew who works closely with the Director, in this case McG.  The DP’s job is to light a scene and make any changes nessasary to get the best look. 

Apparently when Bale is doing a scene he doesn’t like any movement at all, he has to be centre of attention and the poor DP bared the full brunt of Bale’s wrath in this case.  Thinking back to the allegations in the summer from Bale’s mother, it’s not so hard to believe that he could have assaulted her and his sister.  The guy is a psycho.

Listen to the click here.

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Kelly Does Have Talent

With T-Mobile launching they’re ground breaking and original commercial last week Kelly Brook has decided to do her own version of the ad. 

Fear not Kelly has not gone mad she was paid to do this.

What do you think?  Is Kelly becoming the Queen of being paid for not doing much?

Here’s the original.

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You Don’t Look Young..

…  You look good for your age.

I’m getting so bored of the stories about Demi Moore, Madonna and Courtney Cox and the gang looking so young.  I agree these ladies look great for their ages but in no stretch of the imagination do they look like they’re in their twenties or even early to mid thirties, they look late thirties/forties… Madonna looks fifty. 

She Looks Good... for her age

She Looks Good... for her age

Ages are so hard to pin point now anyway especially with botox being all the rage and so much plastic surgery going on but these women do look their ages.  Most of them we know how they looked like when they were in their twenties, when they had the fuller softer faces and looked young, no amount of botox can take away the life you’ve lived and these women look harder now and their faces are thinner which happens with AGE. 

People who look older, like the ones you get on ‘Extreme Makeover’ or ’10 years Younger’ don’t represent the average person anymore because we are all becoming obsessed with skincare.  We all look bloody good for our ages and at 24 I am always being asked for identification when trying to buy booze.

That’s how things are now it’s no big deal… we all look great for our age, get over it.

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Chelsy Don’t

So Prince Harry and his party girl Chelsy Davy have split up.  Most of today’s paper don the face of a rather orange looking Chelsy and often refer to her as a beauty.  Let me draw your attention to this…



Is this really a beauty?  Even for the Royal family we would have to really really squint for her to look good.
Chelsy Davy a modern day Monet!

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Jessica Insulating for Winter?

Well here I am on a diet trying to lose the winter weight and Jessica Simpson doesn’t seem to be that bothered.  Was she comfort eating during her sisters pregnancy or maybe she’s comfort eating because her baby sister got pregnant before she did…  That’s enough tosend any woman running for the Krispy Kremes.  Whatever the reason Jessica is balancing on that thin line between curvy and plain old fat…

Who ate all the pies?

Who ate all the pies?

Jessica was pictured this last weekend looking a lot chunkier than her Daisy Duke days, she’s reminding me in this picture of the late Anna Nicole Smith.  Don’t hate me for writing this I’m battling the bulge myself I’m just saying lets draw attention to it before she ends up like this.

Jessica did?..

Jessica did?..

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