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Dream, Believe, Achieve

It has been quite a while since I last posted on here.  It’s now August and the last time I wrote something was April, I am completely useless and apologise.

In the last few months I have been living my normal mundane life, plodding on waiting for something to happen and yep something happened.  I’m not going to go into it as I by no means want to be one of those preachy people who tells you what to do but I have met some truly amazing people and lost one and have realised I don’t have to wait for the future I can make NOW amazing.

I completed my Diet Challenge and started Military training to keep fit… yes and I quit, but that’s expected.  I am also moving to Canada for a least a year in October and have realised I really can do anything I want to, we all can be whatever we want.  Every single one of us on this Earth has something unique and amazing to give, all we need to do is believe in ourselves.

Okay, I have definitely waffled a lot here and been a tad preachy but just wanted to get that out there into the Internet World.  I may not know all the fancy words or be the most intelligent person in a room and I could have definitely said this a lot better but at the end of the day the message remains the same.  DREAM –  BELIEVE – ACHIEVE

Normal service will resume shortly…


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Why It’s Hard To Be Sympathetic

Reality star Jade Goody is said to have only weeks to live and is currently gracing the front pages of British tabloids daily.  We are being smothered with stories of Jade’s heartache, strength, legacy, marriage, life, kids and so on which is fine but this bombardment is more annoying than tugging at my heart strings.

This weekend Jade was on the news as her neighbours are beginning to tire of the constant barrage of press outside their homes.  Jade was seen screaming “I’ll be dead in a month”.  These are the quotes we’ve been getting from Jade of late, “I’m ready for heaven”, “give me a pill or injection”, “kill me now”.  Why these quotes and why does she feel the need to spend every last second of her life in front of the press.

Many stars have had cancer or have it now and choose to spend what time they have with their loved ones, they concentrate on healing and trying to fight.  Think of Kylie, Anastasia or even poor Patrick Swayze now, these stars have and had their priorities straight.  Jade’s obsession with fame is sickening and somewhat pathetic.


Fading Star?

Fading Star?

Last week Miss Goody became Mrs Jack Tweed after marrying her felon Essex yob boyfriend, 21.  Jack was in prison for assault but was granted an early release to spend time with his dying girlfriend.  Jack was given a curfew of 7pm and fitted with an ankle tag which was then taken off so he could spend his wedding night with his wife.  Jade is now pleading with parole officers and government officials to have his tag taken off permanently so he can spend time with his dying wife. 

I may be coming across completely heartless to you all right now but I can only think of what I would be doing in this situation.  The press seem to be painting Jack Tweed in an angelic light, this is a person who assaulted a boy with a golf club… classy and who had cheated on Jade numerous times, does this 21 year old really have Jade’s interests at heart?  Well now that they’re married he is entitled to 50% of everything if indeed she does die.

I’m finding it incredibly hard to feel sorry for Jade as it seems she is still making the same poor choices that she has been making her whole life.  If she does only have weeks to live maybe it’s not the best idea to have camera’s following you 24/7 or constantly giving interviews, maybe time with your boys out of the spotlight would be a good idea.  Until Jade realises what’s important and shows she has evolved as a person I will reserve my sympathies for those who deserve it.

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The Ooops Files

Being inspired by Joaquin Phoenix’s turn as a rapper last week and falling arse over tit off the stage I have decided, with the help of my buddy, to add a new monthly feature…

The Ooops Files is a place to see your favourite stars fall flat on their faces over and over again.  It’s sister feature Ponderings is also available for your entertainment.

Well I have to kick off with Joaquin Phoenix as he inspired this whole thing.

Akon, should make an appearance, but he does recover pretty fast.

Here’s a funny one from Miss Tyra, it’s the classic chair fall.  she’s a lot heavier than she used to be, the chair couldn’t handle it.

Finally I have Michelle Williams back in her Destiny’s Child days.  I love that Kelly and Beyonce just look and ignore her, that’s team work… Well on their part anyway.

That’s just the first batch, I’ll have a nice new bath for you soon.  Celebrity’s falling on their asses can never get old.

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Spartan In Paris

300 star Gerard Butler is on the downtrodden path that is men who have dated Paris Hilton.  This girl really does get around and good for her, she hooks up with hot guy after hot guy and now she’s bagged another.

Paris' new squeeze

Paris' new squeeze

Butler at 39 is 22 years Paris’ senior but as we know in Hollywood age doesn’t seem to matter.  I’m sure they will have a loving long-lasting relationship and wish them the best of luck…



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Alexandra and Beyonce Steal The Show

In the X Factor  final main show Alexandra, Eoghan, and JLS all had three songs each to perform, a Christmas song, duet and an encore of one of their favourite performances from the series.

Eoghan kicked off the show with a performance of Wizzard’s ‘I Wish It Could Be Christmas Everyday’ which was okay, bland like all his other performances and slighty lower than I would have liked.  Eoghan also had a duet with Boyzone performing their hit ‘Picture of You’ and finished off with High School Musical’s finale song ‘We’re All in This Together’ a song that was performed in last years final by Same Difference…That worked out well for them didn’t it, lets hope it’s not jinxed.

JLS began their night with Wham’s ‘Last Christmas’ there was a funny Merry Christmas bit that made me laugh but overall it was Astin holding it all together as usual.  JLS performed ‘Flying Without Wings’ as a duet with Westlife and finished off with the ballad they performed in the semi final which got rave reviews from the judges, I’m pretty sure that I’d never heard it before in my life.

Alexandra began her night with Christmas hymn ‘Silent Night’, I would have liked to see something more upbeat but it was a classy performance.  Alexandra’s second performance of Beyonce’s ‘Listen’ which she performed as a duet with Beyonce was by far the best performance of the series and completely outclassed all the other duets and performances.  Simon Cowell and Louis Walsh should have done a better job as mentors to ensure their acts had the best duet partners possible, maybe Boyz II Men for JLS and Mcfly with Eoghan.  Anyway it’s all done now, Alexandra’s final performance that also closed the show was ‘You Are So beautiful’ by Jock Cocker’.

Who will win, we decide.

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Silksy Voted Off

Robert Kilroy-Silk has been the first Celebrity voted out of the Jungle.

Silksy Out

Silksy Out

All our celebrity friends feared being the first one to be out as that would mean the career boost they were hoping for would not happen.  With Kilroy out this leaves 11 Celebrities still fighting for their place in the Jungle… It also leaves us with dullards Carly Zucker and Simon Webbe, although Simon shows spirit occasionally. 

I am pleading with the British public not to vote out any more opinionated celebs otherwise the show will return to Dullsville as it does every year.

Get Carly Out, Get Carly Out!!!

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I am girl hear me ROAR

Hello there,

Do you ever find yourself yelling at the TV screen hoping that if you scream loud enough maybe the energy you give off will somehow change what’s happening on the pre-recorded programme you’re watching?  Do you find yourself listening to topical debates getting more and more frustrated by narrow minded mumbo jumbo you’re hearing??? Well that’s me, I’m Renee, a twenty something with lots to say. 

It was a silly joke

It was a silly joke

If you think it’s insane that there was so much controversy over Russell Brand and Jonathan Ross last week with multiple resignations yet this week a baby is killed and not one person in social services is punished, I want to hear from you.

If you loved this weeks episode of One Tree Hill or The X Factor then lets rant about that too.  If you like I see absolutely no point to Peaches Geldof,

Why oh Why?

Why oh Why?

 then hell yeah we’re on the same page.  Basically if there is anything to rant about then I will rant.

Let the games begin…

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