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Chris Brown Arrested for Assault

It seems music’s most stylish and sexy couple havecrash landed in dramaville.  On Saturday night at Clive Davis’ Pre-Grammys party, Rihanna and Chris Brown got into a huge blowout which resulted in the missus being hospitalized.

Turbulant Times

Turbulent Times

Apparently the fight erupted as the couple were leaving and getting into their car.  Rihanna was left with visible injuries and Chris Brown left the scene and Rihanna to call 911.  Rihanna’s car was seen parked outside LA’s Cedars Sinai Medical Centre at around 3am Sunday morning.

A warrent was issued for Chris Brown’s arrest Sunday morning and at 6.30pm yesterday Chris Brown turned himself in.

If this story is true and Chris Brown really is a woman beater, his career will be severely damaged.  Not only has he hit a woman but he hit Rihanna the biggest woman in music right now.  Let’s wait for the fallout.


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Lady GaGa

Super hot Lady GaGa is expected to knock Alexandra burke off the top spot with her single ‘Just Dance’ and has already gone to number 1 in the States.

Super Hot Lady Gaga

Super Hot Lady Gaga

The soon to be 23 year has been around for a while now building a strong following before her official launch at the end of last year.  I first clocked GaGa on an episode of ‘The Hills’ as one of the acts Audrina was working with.  

Lady GaGa is Italian/American and hails from New York and has been compared to the likes of Madaonna, she is currently touring with the Pussycat Dolls on their Doll Domination tour and will be hitting a town near you very very soon.

All I can say is I’m glad GaGa decided to go blonde or I’m sure Lily Allen would have something to say.

See Lady GaGa’s new video for ‘Poker Face’ below.

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Lily Allen Never Shuts Up

I have become very bored of Lily Allen and her stupid pointless comments and opinions on everything.  Just because she’s a singer doesn’t mean we care what she thinks.

Please stop talking

Please stop talking

Don’t get me wrong I have Lily’s first album and loved it, I’m just over her stupid comments… the girl has a bad case of verbal diarrhoea. 

When she first hit the scene she pretty much hated everyone that wasn’t her and God help you if you mentioned her weight although Girls Aloud did that and I think they won that battle as 5 chavs against 1 goes a long way.  Now Lily has turned her attentions to Katy Perry. 

Fatter than Amy, Slimmer that Lily

Fatter than Amy, Slimmer that Lily

Katy in an interview described herself as fatter than Amy Whinehouse but slimmer than Lily Allen, this has obviously enraged Lily when if you ask me its a fair point.  Katy’s slimmer than me too… big deal.  Lily chose to retaliate via her facebook and Myspace page, even threatening to post Katy’s number on the net… How mature anyway if Lily posts Katy’s what makes her think Katy won’t do the same.  Lily get over it! 

Lily has also put her big mouth in it as saying it’s okay to take drugs, I know cocaine particularly is rife in the entertainment industry but if you choose to take it keep it to yourself as its not a good idea to go around saying it’s okay because lets face it it’s not.

Some advice for the big mouth continue to date grandads and if you’re not happy about you weight lose a few pounds.  You look fine to me but you’re obviously not happy.  The big bit of advise, please keep your mouth shut if you have nothing good to say.

Your new album had better be good because your new single ‘Fear’ is weak.

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Bittersweet for Alexandra

With news today that Alexandra’s debut single has just gone platinum after selling  over 1million copies, you would think it is happy days for the singer and that she will be rolling in the cash.  But as we all know how these talent shows go, the winners of these competitions sign a record deal which on the surface seems great but as time goes on these stars in the making begin to realise just how much of their hard earned cash is going to the label big-wigs rather than their own pockets.

Platinum Singer but Sterling Silver Earner

Platinum Singer but Sterling Silver Earner

In this morning’s Daily Mail it was reported the Alexandra is being paid just £250 per show on the X Factor tour, which is not bad for a nights work if your a normal folk but with tickets being priced at £28.50+ and venues like London’s O2 Arena being booked which has 10,000 capacity you will see that the performers are being paid pittance in relation.

Yes times are hard at the moment but it always seems the rich get richer and the poor stay the same.  Alexandra will have her time to earn the big bucks but the other acts… this may have been they’re only chance to make some life-changing  cash and it seems the money is going straight into Simon Cowell’s pockets… again.

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Hallelujah Set For Chrsitmas No. 1

Alexandra Burke’s debut single has become the fastest selling European single ever.  Hallelujah which was available to download from midnight on Saturday sold over 105,000 downloads in one day alone, this smashed the previous record of 85,000 which was held by fellow X Factor winner Leona Lewis.

Record Breaker

Record Breaker

Leona Lewis has gone on to be a huge international star and has been nominated for numerous awards including VMAs, EMAs, MOBOs and now a Grammy for her huge hit ‘Bleeding Love’.  Alexandra dreams and of achieving the same success and maybe more.

The next 6 months will be vital for Alexandra as it is key that she comes out with a great album and not one full of covers.  Hopefully they will team her up with great writers and she will come out with an amazing debut. 

Alexandra definitely has the edge on Leona as she can dance, so hopefully there will be some great up tempo numbers.

Lets see what happens…

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Alexandra Burke Wins X Factor 2008

My favouriteAlexandra Burke has won The X Factor 2008 and is set to become a huge star.   Cheryl Cole who mentored Alexandra has had a successful debut on the show and has definately made her mark.

The Winner

The Winner

Alexandra has been the best singer the X factor has ever had and will definitely be giving Leona Lewis a run for her money.  Alexandra’s debut single ‘Hellalujah’ is available to download from midnight tonight.

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Now Rihanna Has X Factor

Another day another rumour, today the rumour is that Rihanna will be appearing on the X Factor Final and performing a duet with JLS.

X Factor Duet

X Factor Duet

This is odd because if the rumours are true they would be pairing Boyzone with Alexandra and Duffy with Eoghan, surely Rihanna and Alexandra would be a better pairing?  It’s clear that ‘No Matter What’ happens Boyzone unfortunately will be on the show.

Also, Rihanna is the biggest thing in music right now so it’s funny that they have gone for her over Beyonce, not too good for Sasha Fierce’s ego I imagine.

I wonder who will be in the rumour mill tomorrow?

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We Don’t Want Robbie

Robbie Williams is hinting more and more that he would like to re-join Take That.  Robbie who left the band in 1995 due to an ongoing Feud with Gary Barlow has been living in LA for the past 5 years having enjoyed solo success.

Wants back in

Wants back in

Robbie has been out of the public eye the last year or so after his last album ‘RudeBox’ was a flop, he has since also become obsessed with Aliens.  Take That however have been experiencing huge success and critical acclaim with albums ‘Beautiful World’ and ‘The Circus’

Better than ever

Better than ever

Take That reformed in 2005 after an ITV documentary got the boys back in touch with each other.  Robbie was part of this documentary but refused to attend the reunion as he didn’t want to be in the same room as Gary Barlow.

It seems to me that Robbie only wants to rejoin now because his career is suffering, Take That you don’t need him.

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Pregnant or Bloated???

Pictures have been surfacing lately of Mrs. Avril Lavigne with a slightly rounder belly than usual.

Is she or Isn't she?

Is she or Isn't she?

Now to a normal girl like myself a picture like this is me on a daily basis but for super slim Avril it makes us start to ask questions.

Avril who has been married to Sum 41 front man Deryck Whibley for over two years now has stated that she wouldn’t want to start having a family until she’s in her thirties.  There have also been rumours the last few months that Whibley and Lavigne’s marriage is going through a rocky patch of late, so who’s thinking band-aid baby?

Whatever the truth is pregnant or bloated I hope these two work things out, Avril Whibley anyone?

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Jason Mraz ‘I’m Yours’

Yes I know this clip is old but it has just started to be shown on UK screens and wanted everyone hear his laid back tones.  Enjoy!

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