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So Tom Won… What’s The Big Deal?

In a series that has been marred by controversial walk-outs and voting problems on Saturday night ‘Holby City’ star Tom Chambers took the ‘Strictly Come Dancing’ title for 2008.

Fans of the show had mixed feeling about Tom being in the final at all, due to voting problems in the semi-final.  Fans attempting to vote for Tom during the semi-final were unable to save him from the dance-off regardless of whether he had the most votes or not, this is where Strictly’s problems began.  After discovering this voting glitch the shows producers decided to scrap that weeks public vote and putting all three couples through to the final. 

2008 Winner

2008 Winner

 At first producers stated that votes cast in the semi-final show would be carried over to the final and counted along with the new votes but mid week changed their minds and said the votes would not be carried over.

With these kinds of show you can never make everyone happy but if you think about it Tom is the most deserving winner as he was the only genuinely talented celebrity left.  Rachel Stevens, yes men find her nice to look at but after S Club the pop tartlet failed to make her solo career a success due to the lack of talent and lets face it if she did win on Saturday would have assumed we’d want her to release another solo album of pop roadkill… No thank you.

Lisa Snowden, Model and presenter?  What knd of modeling has she done exactly, we only know who she is because she dated George Clooney before that had anyone heard of her?  She heads up Living’s ‘Britains Next Top Model’ which is the sister show to ‘America’s Next Top Model’.  ANTM is heading up by Tyra Banks so the British counterpart would be Kate Moss or Naomi Campbell, the person it isn’t is Lisa Snowden.  For a person with no skills Lisa has done well for herself but I wouldn’t want to see more of her than I have to.

So this leaves Tom Chambers, if you don’t watch ‘Holby City’ like I don’t you wouldn’t have had a clue who the hell he was, but it is clear he is an actor.  The way he portrayed emotion in his routines was undeniable and you believed what he was doing because he was acting.  This teamed with the fact my little sister and mother believed he really had cancer, they thought ‘Holby City’ had written it into the show because Tom had it in real life,  shows Tom is good at what he does and deserves any breaks this show may give him.

‘Strictly come Dancing’ doesn’t change the lives of it’s contestants, it doesn’t make dreams come true and the winners don’t become dancers so whoever wins who the hell cares.


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Sergeant Quits Strictly

John Sergeant has decided to leave BBC’s Stictly Come Dancing he announced today.

The former political journalist announced his decision after weeks of mass publicity regarding his alleged victimisation by the Strictly judges, particularly Craig Revel Horwood and Arlene Phillips.

Pulls out of show

Pulls out of show

John, a favourite with the voting audience said “it was looking like he might win the show and that would be a joke too far”.  It appears that the bullying tactics of the shows judges has worked forcing John to pull out, what a terrible shame.

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