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Bittersweet for Alexandra

With news today that Alexandra’s debut single has just gone platinum after selling  over 1million copies, you would think it is happy days for the singer and that she will be rolling in the cash.  But as we all know how these talent shows go, the winners of these competitions sign a record deal which on the surface seems great but as time goes on these stars in the making begin to realise just how much of their hard earned cash is going to the label big-wigs rather than their own pockets.

Platinum Singer but Sterling Silver Earner

Platinum Singer but Sterling Silver Earner

In this morning’s Daily Mail it was reported the Alexandra is being paid just £250 per show on the X Factor tour, which is not bad for a nights work if your a normal folk but with tickets being priced at £28.50+ and venues like London’s O2 Arena being booked which has 10,000 capacity you will see that the performers are being paid pittance in relation.

Yes times are hard at the moment but it always seems the rich get richer and the poor stay the same.  Alexandra will have her time to earn the big bucks but the other acts… this may have been they’re only chance to make some life-changing  cash and it seems the money is going straight into Simon Cowell’s pockets… again.


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Hallelujah Set For Chrsitmas No. 1

Alexandra Burke’s debut single has become the fastest selling European single ever.  Hallelujah which was available to download from midnight on Saturday sold over 105,000 downloads in one day alone, this smashed the previous record of 85,000 which was held by fellow X Factor winner Leona Lewis.

Record Breaker

Record Breaker

Leona Lewis has gone on to be a huge international star and has been nominated for numerous awards including VMAs, EMAs, MOBOs and now a Grammy for her huge hit ‘Bleeding Love’.  Alexandra dreams and of achieving the same success and maybe more.

The next 6 months will be vital for Alexandra as it is key that she comes out with a great album and not one full of covers.  Hopefully they will team her up with great writers and she will come out with an amazing debut. 

Alexandra definitely has the edge on Leona as she can dance, so hopefully there will be some great up tempo numbers.

Lets see what happens…

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Alexandra Burke Wins X Factor 2008

My favouriteAlexandra Burke has won The X Factor 2008 and is set to become a huge star.   Cheryl Cole who mentored Alexandra has had a successful debut on the show and has definately made her mark.

The Winner

The Winner

Alexandra has been the best singer the X factor has ever had and will definitely be giving Leona Lewis a run for her money.  Alexandra’s debut single ‘Hellalujah’ is available to download from midnight tonight.

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Alexandra and Beyonce Steal The Show

In the X Factor  final main show Alexandra, Eoghan, and JLS all had three songs each to perform, a Christmas song, duet and an encore of one of their favourite performances from the series.

Eoghan kicked off the show with a performance of Wizzard’s ‘I Wish It Could Be Christmas Everyday’ which was okay, bland like all his other performances and slighty lower than I would have liked.  Eoghan also had a duet with Boyzone performing their hit ‘Picture of You’ and finished off with High School Musical’s finale song ‘We’re All in This Together’ a song that was performed in last years final by Same Difference…That worked out well for them didn’t it, lets hope it’s not jinxed.

JLS began their night with Wham’s ‘Last Christmas’ there was a funny Merry Christmas bit that made me laugh but overall it was Astin holding it all together as usual.  JLS performed ‘Flying Without Wings’ as a duet with Westlife and finished off with the ballad they performed in the semi final which got rave reviews from the judges, I’m pretty sure that I’d never heard it before in my life.

Alexandra began her night with Christmas hymn ‘Silent Night’, I would have liked to see something more upbeat but it was a classy performance.  Alexandra’s second performance of Beyonce’s ‘Listen’ which she performed as a duet with Beyonce was by far the best performance of the series and completely outclassed all the other duets and performances.  Simon Cowell and Louis Walsh should have done a better job as mentors to ensure their acts had the best duet partners possible, maybe Boyz II Men for JLS and Mcfly with Eoghan.  Anyway it’s all done now, Alexandra’s final performance that also closed the show was ‘You Are So beautiful’ by Jock Cocker’.

Who will win, we decide.

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Who Wins We Decide

Rihanna’s out and Beyonce’s back in, allegedly, add Westlife and Boyzone to the fold teamed with the X Factor finalists then we have ourselves our Saturday night showdown.

Tonight will see either Alexandra Burke, Eoghan Quigg or JLS realise their dream of pop stardom, the other two losers will have all their hopes dashed for at least an hour.  The winner of this years X Factor will win a £1million recording contract and sign to SonyBMG under the SyCo label.  We’ve had all the sob stories, the tears and the sick relatives and now it all comes down to us, the voting public.

Alexandra has now become the odds on favourite to take the prize but let’s not rule out squidgy Eoghan or girl crushing JLS as they all have their supporters and the finale show normally draws in the most votes of the season so anything could happen.

As the rumours stand at the moment Beyonce will duet with Alexandra, Westlife with JLS and Boyzone with Eoghan although lets face it Boyzone and Westlife are both eaqually as dull.

The real X Factor winner

The real X Factor winner

The only thing that doesn’t have to be speculated about in tonight’s show is that Simon Cowell will be laughing all the way to the bank adding to his growing bank balance as he, as always, is the real winner.

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Now Rihanna Has X Factor

Another day another rumour, today the rumour is that Rihanna will be appearing on the X Factor Final and performing a duet with JLS.

X Factor Duet

X Factor Duet

This is odd because if the rumours are true they would be pairing Boyzone with Alexandra and Duffy with Eoghan, surely Rihanna and Alexandra would be a better pairing?  It’s clear that ‘No Matter What’ happens Boyzone unfortunately will be on the show.

Also, Rihanna is the biggest thing in music right now so it’s funny that they have gone for her over Beyonce, not too good for Sasha Fierce’s ego I imagine.

I wonder who will be in the rumour mill tomorrow?

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Mother Rubbishes Sex tape Claim

Melissa Bell former Soul II Soul singer and mother of X Factor Finalist Alexandra Burke has rubbished claims that her daughter made a sex tape with ex boyfriend D’andre West.

Denies sex tape claim

Denies sex tape claim

Alexandra who lived with West for just under a year when she was 18 has denied that she made the video and has stated to her mother that at the time neither of them owned a camcorder.  Alexandra has said if there is a tape then the girl in it isn’t me.

The thing with videos is that if they exist then they will be leaked, maybe the fact that nothing has been leaked yet suggests D’andreWest is trying to get a seat on Alexandra’s fame train by any means necessary.  What a sad sad man.

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Beyonce Set for X Factor Final

Diva Beyonce Knowles is rumoured to be one of the special guests on this Saturday’s X Factor Final.  Finalist Alexandra Burke idolises Beyonce and if the rumours are true, is set to perform a duet of Irreplaceable with the diva.  If they really want to go for an amazing X Factor performance a collaboration of Single Ladies or one of Beyonce’s more up tempo songs teamed with a killer routing would bring the house down.

rumoured to be an X Factor Finals guest performer

rumoured to be an X Factor Finals guest performer

Other rumoured guests include Duffy, Seal and sad sad manband Boyzone.  Why they chose Boyzone over Take That making another appearance is beyond me, I imagine it’s just Louis Walsh using his genius trying to drum up more publicity for the old guys.

please quit music

please quit music

The X Factor Final is this Saturday on ITV1.  Click here for new rumoured guests and duets.

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Alexandra Sex Tape Scandal

Alexandra Burke’s ex boyfriend of 2 years D’andre West is attempting to sell a tape of the couple for £100,000.  The tape made when Alexandra was 18 shows Alexandra stripping then making love to her then boyfriend.



West has so far approached classy tabloid papers like .The News of the World’ and has stated that Alexandra is going to be a star and if she’s going to be rich then he’s going to make money off her too.  D’andre West has also said that he still loves the X Factor star and hopes they can rekindle their romance in the future. 

In my opinion West sounds like a complete and utter money grabbing leach and I hope Alexandra stays well away from this bad apple.  Alexandra Burke is the most talented contestant and has really started to come into her own and could be the great British Diva we’ve been missing.  I hope the press don’t try to tarnish Alex this week and Saturday’s final should be fantastical.  Vote for Alexandra.

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Little Diana Vickers From Bolton

Diana leaves the competition

Diana leaves the competition

Diana Vickers has been voted off The X Factor one week away from the final, this means in next week’s final Alexandra Burke, Eoghan Quigg and JLS will go head to head for the top prize.

Diana sang ‘Girlfriend’ by Avril Levigne and Dido’s ‘White Flag’ which was the song we’d been waiting for her to sing as it suited her voice perfectly. Emotions ran high as Diana’s journey came to an end and it was left to Dermot to tear young lovers Eoghan and Diana away from each other so we could watch her best bits.

At the start of the competition Diana was my favourite to win but after her bout of laryngitis she never got back to her A game and as the other contestants progressed Dian was left playing catch-up.  I’m sure we will see Diana again as she has already built up a fan base among her soon to be peers within the music industry.

I hope the Alexandra wins but next week is way to close to call and all I know is the show will be a spectacle and promises to be full of surprises.

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