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Being inspired by Joaquin Phoenix’s turn as a rapper last week and falling arse over tit off the stage I have decided, with the help of my buddy, to add a new monthly feature…

The Ooops Files is a place to see your favourite stars fall flat on their faces over and over again.  It’s sister feature Ponderings is also available for your entertainment.

Well I have to kick off with Joaquin Phoenix as he inspired this whole thing.

Akon, should make an appearance, but he does recover pretty fast.

Here’s a funny one from Miss Tyra, it’s the classic chair fall.  she’s a lot heavier than she used to be, the chair couldn’t handle it.

Finally I have Michelle Williams back in her Destiny’s Child days.  I love that Kelly and Beyonce just look and ignore her, that’s team work… Well on their part anyway.

That’s just the first batch, I’ll have a nice new bath for you soon.  Celebrity’s falling on their asses can never get old.


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Christian Bale Goes American Psycho

We all know method Actor Christian Bale has a temper on him but this really does take the biscuit.  Back in July on the set of Terminator: Salvation, where Bale is playing the iconic part of John Connor, Bale completely lost it and started to lay into the Director of Photography.



Now on a film set the Director of Photography (DP) is a very important and crucial member of the crew who works closely with the Director, in this case McG.  The DP’s job is to light a scene and make any changes nessasary to get the best look. 

Apparently when Bale is doing a scene he doesn’t like any movement at all, he has to be centre of attention and the poor DP bared the full brunt of Bale’s wrath in this case.  Thinking back to the allegations in the summer from Bale’s mother, it’s not so hard to believe that he could have assaulted her and his sister.  The guy is a psycho.

Listen to the click here.

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So Ashlee Thinks We’re Setting A Bad Example

Ashlee Simpson took to her blog yesterday to defend her sister’s weight gain.

I am completely disgusted by the headlines concerning my sister’s weight. A week after the inauguration and with such a feeling of hope in the air for our country, I find it completely embarrassing and belittling to all women to read about a woman’s weight or figure as a headline on Fox News.

All women come in different shapes, sizes, and forms and just because you’re a celebrity, there shouldn’t be a different standard.

Is this something you would say to your wife, daughter, mother, grandmother, or even a friend?

I seriously doubt it.

How can we expect teenage girls to love and respect themselves in an environment where we criticize a size 2 figure?

Now can we focus on the things that really matter.


So Ashlee wonders “how can we expect teenage girls to love and respect themselves”.  Yes this is coming from the mouth of nose job and soon to be a size zero again Ashlee Simpson.  It also doesn’t help that she is claiming Jessica is a US size 2, UK 6 when she clearly isn’t.  She may be petite but she is no size 2. 

before and after
before and after

When Ashlee first hit the seen in her show ‘The Ashlee Simpson Show’ we all loved her alternative style, the way she was curvy and normal looking and how she tried to separate herself from Jessica.  Then a few years into the fame she decided she needed to lose weight, go blond again and have a nose job. 

It seems to me that Ashlee is one of the biggest hypercrites out there, first there was the miming incident on SNL then her saying that she never normally mimed when in fact every performance she did in the UK comprised of her miming, then there’s the whole nose job thing.  Ashlee has clearly had a nose job yet she has never admitted it hence giving these young teenage girls she cares so much about impossible goals to achieve.
Ashlee I kind of like the music but keep your views to yourself, they’re not valid anymore.

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Ain’t Life the Pitts

Well I sure wish when I was 6 months old I was jet setting around the world.  Yesterday Brangelina and the full gang where pictured for the first time arriving at a Japanese airport.

Jolie-Pitts x8

Jolie-Pitts x8

 The Brangelina crew are in Japan to promote the release of Angelina’s film ‘Changeling’.  It’s nice to see they are keeping the family together during all their press engagements as this is a very busy time for the multi award nominees.

Knox Leon looks so cute wearing the same cap as his daddy.

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Kelly Does Have Talent

With T-Mobile launching they’re ground breaking and original commercial last week Kelly Brook has decided to do her own version of the ad. 

Fear not Kelly has not gone mad she was paid to do this.

What do you think?  Is Kelly becoming the Queen of being paid for not doing much?

Here’s the original.

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You Don’t Look Young..

…  You look good for your age.

I’m getting so bored of the stories about Demi Moore, Madonna and Courtney Cox and the gang looking so young.  I agree these ladies look great for their ages but in no stretch of the imagination do they look like they’re in their twenties or even early to mid thirties, they look late thirties/forties… Madonna looks fifty. 

She Looks Good... for her age

She Looks Good... for her age

Ages are so hard to pin point now anyway especially with botox being all the rage and so much plastic surgery going on but these women do look their ages.  Most of them we know how they looked like when they were in their twenties, when they had the fuller softer faces and looked young, no amount of botox can take away the life you’ve lived and these women look harder now and their faces are thinner which happens with AGE. 

People who look older, like the ones you get on ‘Extreme Makeover’ or ’10 years Younger’ don’t represent the average person anymore because we are all becoming obsessed with skincare.  We all look bloody good for our ages and at 24 I am always being asked for identification when trying to buy booze.

That’s how things are now it’s no big deal… we all look great for our age, get over it.

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Chelsy Don’t

So Prince Harry and his party girl Chelsy Davy have split up.  Most of today’s paper don the face of a rather orange looking Chelsy and often refer to her as a beauty.  Let me draw your attention to this…



Is this really a beauty?  Even for the Royal family we would have to really really squint for her to look good.
Chelsy Davy a modern day Monet!

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Jessica Insulating for Winter?

Well here I am on a diet trying to lose the winter weight and Jessica Simpson doesn’t seem to be that bothered.  Was she comfort eating during her sisters pregnancy or maybe she’s comfort eating because her baby sister got pregnant before she did…  That’s enough tosend any woman running for the Krispy Kremes.  Whatever the reason Jessica is balancing on that thin line between curvy and plain old fat…

Who ate all the pies?

Who ate all the pies?

Jessica was pictured this last weekend looking a lot chunkier than her Daisy Duke days, she’s reminding me in this picture of the late Anna Nicole Smith.  Don’t hate me for writing this I’m battling the bulge myself I’m just saying lets draw attention to it before she ends up like this.

Jessica did?..

Jessica did?..

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Diet update

Check out how I’m doing on my diet challenge, lost 8lbs this week. woohoo.

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Evil Mother Jailed

Sicko “mother” Karen Matthews has been sentenced to 8 years in Jail for her part in the abduction of her daughter 8 year old Shannon.   Karen’s accomplice in this crime Michael Donovan or Paul Drake as he was also known was also sentenced to 8 years at Leeds Crown Court.



Shannon Matthews went missing last February for 24 days after her mother and Donovan hatched a plan to kidnap Shannon and claim the reward money which they thought would see them rich or so they thought.  Karen Matthews had thought of this evil plan after seeing the press and rewards offered for missing Madeleine McCann.

Karen Matthews is a product of this new underclass who would prefer to steal and claim benefits rather than even contemplate the idea of doing a full days graft.  This new trend is breading evil, terror and ASBOs.

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