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Is Sarah Beeny Really the Answer?

It seems online dating isn’t as embarrassing as it used to be, people freely sign-up and aren’t even ashamed anymore.  So after being single for quite a while with the gentle nudge of a few friends I took the leap and went online.  There are plenty of sites out there but the one that seems to be kicking ass in London is My Single Friend, a site set up by property genius and TV presenter Sarah Beeny.

My single  Friendseems to be the most socially accepted dating sight in London and is full of professionals and media types looking for dates…  Some of them are even pretty hot, of course some are not. 

My friend Julia wrote a nice summary of me and I wanted it to be honest so had nothing to do with what she said, I don’t believe in selling serloin steak if you’re only rocking value burgers.  So with my profile and pictures all ready to go I was finally approved and in the online dating community.  Okay so  I wasn’t sure how the whole thing worked but the helpful welcome email gave me a few tips, so I happily went into the search options and began adding men into my favourites.  I found it quite weird having to judge people on the way they looked but of course this was the name of the game so I carried on. 

After 1 day online I began getting quite a few emails, some where even from guys I found attractive which was pretty cool and quite unexpected.  It’s really hard trying to judge and get to know people simply on emails but I gave it a go.  As time began to pass I did start to see why these people were single, online dating is definitely a niche market and there are quite a few “special” people signed up.  After 9 days I decided to delete my profile as the online dating thing definitely wasn’t for me but in those 9 days I had 3 dates lined up so even though it wasn’t for me it was definitely worth the £18.

Dating is a funny thing and I met 3 nice guys, but 2 of them were simply just nice and although you have never met me I need more than just nice.  I also found it odd that one of the guys when emailing and texting always mentioned he was off to the gym and when we met at our Liverpool Street rendezvous looked like he hadn’t seen a gym in years.  If’s funny as I just wouldn’t have mentioned it in the first place.

Online Dating Guru Sarah Beeny

Online Dating Guru Sarah Beeny

So if you’re a single guy or gal living in London is Sarah the answer?..  Well no, I think if you’re out having a coffee, in a bar or anywhere and someone catches your eye go up to them and say hello…  Seriously what is the worst that could happen?  London has become this hard rock where no one talks to each other and if you’re not in a certain group can be a very lonely and uninspiring place.  Talk, smile and take more risks and you’ll all see that Sarah Beeny although a help isn’t the answer to singledom.

What are my plans after the online dating experience?.. A night out on the townn with the girls where we will have fun and talk to anyone that takes our fancy.


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Spartan In Paris

300 star Gerard Butler is on the downtrodden path that is men who have dated Paris Hilton.  This girl really does get around and good for her, she hooks up with hot guy after hot guy and now she’s bagged another.

Paris' new squeeze

Paris' new squeeze

Butler at 39 is 22 years Paris’ senior but as we know in Hollywood age doesn’t seem to matter.  I’m sure they will have a loving long-lasting relationship and wish them the best of luck…



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