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What ITV Genius Thought Fearne was a Good Choice?

Last week saw Fearne Cotton investigating “The Truth About Online Anorexia”.  Great cause and great to see this problem being focused on but Fearne Cotton telling us to be happy with our bodies and pretending how normal she eats, was she really the right person? 

This picture was found on a pro eating disorder site.

This picture was found on a pro eating disorder site.

While Fearne was investigating what was actually online she came across a picture of herself as an anorexia role model, she was absolutely gobsmacked.  But what the hell did she expect, Fearne in the picture has the body of a 12 year old girl who is at that awkward puberty stage but was actually aged 20.  This was a little after Fearne started appearing regularly on our screens as a role model to young girls.  No matter how many times a girl or woman is told to be happy with your shape, if you watch any kind of TV or film all you see is skinny women running around looking fantastic and you want to achieve the same.  Some of us do it in a healthy fashion and some of us don’t.  It’s not something that can be fixed with one of these waif role models showing us how normal she is.  I mean they would have been better off going with Kate Moss, at least shes honest and we all know of her model diet of cocaine and cigarettes but Fearne Cotton?  ITV really didn’t think that through at all.

The message that everyone is trying to get across is that eating disorders are bad…  But then there’s also a strong message telling us that being fat is bad so which way do we go?  If like at the end of Fearne’s programme we see a skinny celeb eating a big roast dinner and insisting that she eats normally but then you know yourself that you also eat a healthy balanced diet but are 4 sizes bigger than Fearne maybe the only way you see fit to getting to the way you want to look is to not eat at all as eating healthily obviously isn’t working.   I know Fearne and all her skinny friends who insist they eat normally are trying to help but maybe them constantly insisting how normal they are are pushing the weaker less confident girls and women over the edge and pushing them into an eating disorder…  did anyone think of that?


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