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Sleaze Jack Tweed Convicted

Jade Goody’s new hubby Jack Tweed was convicted today of assaulting a 50 year old taxi driver.  Jack who is currently on probation for assaulting a 16 year old boy with a golf club will be sentenced later this month.  If this was any other normal defendant they would have been sent straight back inside to finish serving their term but as we all know stupid Jack Straw intervened and allowed Jack to not only be released early only but allowed him to have his tag removed for his wedding day. 

Local lout

Local lout

Jack is a common thug who threatened to stab a taxi driver for asking for the fare to be paid in advance, which is totally normal when taking visibly drunk passengers, Jack also tried to lift the handbrake while the care was in motion. 

Jack Tweed is currently riding the ‘my wife is dying’ bandwagon and using this as an excuse to get away with his crimes, why Jade married this idiot is beyond me but hopefully Jack won’t keep getting away with what his doing and he will finally have to face up to his actions.

Max Clifford waded in after Jacks guilty verdict and said Jade will be very upset by this news… stating the obvious there Max.


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