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Paul Walker Verging on Immoral

Reports that Fast And The Furious star, Paul Walker, 35, was engaged to his long-term teenage girlfriend Jasmine Pilchard-Gosnall, 19, have been fiercely denied.

Although the couple are not engaged the story did highlight the fact that Paul has been dating unknown Jasmine for over 3 years, that means the pair started dating when Paul was 32 and Jasmine was 16.   Now is it just me or is this age difference verging on Peadophillic?  Jasmine was 16 when they announced they were dating but who’s to say they weren’t dating beforehand. 

Wrong, wrong, wrong

Wrong, wrong, wrong

I though Hayden Panetierre, 18, and Milo Ventimiglia, 31, was a bit wrong and Miley Cyrus, 15, and her model 20 year old boyfriend was also questionable, but Paul and Jasmine have won 1st prize in the sicko category.

I have just one question, what kind of parent lets their 16 year old daughter date a 32 year old?  Some folks have no shame, Paul you were hot but this is sick.   “Fast & Furious” the 4th instalment of the hit franchise hits movie theatres this summer and reunites original cast members cradle snatcher Paul Walker, Homo Hard-man Vin Diesel, Bad girl Michelle Rodriguez and has-been Jordanna Brewster.

Paul Walker take a long hard look at yourself man.


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TV Lowdown

So One Tree Hill is MIA until January 5th boohoo.

Gossip Girl
Last nights episode centred around the snowflake ball and picking up the pieces after the fallout from Thanksgiving.  I’m interested to hear what everyone thinks of Vanessa and Nate hookingup, there is certainly no sisterhood there, especially with V stealing Nate’s letter to little Jenny, and have any of you noticed how much the young cast say ‘Actually’ at end of every sentence actually?  Is this to make them sound more intelligent?

It’s funny how whenever a secret couple get together they completely forget that GGis always watching.  This week it was V and Nate sneaking around and you guessed it, Gossip Girl outed them sending a multiple text update to all its subscribers, little Jenny was not pleased and took it upon herself to get revenge with the help of Blair’s mini mes.  The same girls who left Jenny out on her ear after discovering she was a liar and a thief.  At the beginning I was gunning for V for betraying Jenny but after V’s heartfelt confession to Nate about stealing the letter I felt sorry for the Brooklynite who clearly has no familyor friends of her own, but it was too late Jenny’s plan to humiliate V was coming together and before you knew it V was in the middle of the ball with a spotlight on her see-through dress… Oh dear  it seems Jenny went too far and completely lost out on everything as Nate left in the arms of V.

Betrayer and Betrayed

Betrayer and Betrayed

I just want to know when Rufus and Lily or Ruly are going to get together, the chemistry between these two is electric and let’s face it, we all hate Bart Bass.  At least Lily announced she was going to leave Bart, but is the news at the end of the ep that he was involved in an accident going to change things?… Yes, probably actually.

New annoying character to take Georgina’s place has to be Lexi, Aaron’s ex.  Lexi is preachy, cynical and perfect for Dan.  Can anyone say awkward…

I’m loving the new Monday night slot by the way.  Laurel’s visit to Miles in California was very sweet and romantic and finally showed us a softer side to Laurel.  Unfortunately Miles dropping over to see Laurel didn’t go down so well and this short lived romance ended quite abruptly.

Will and Megan’s romance seems to be having quite a few bumps already and it’s only been 3 days since they’ve been official.  With Will’s Brazil job falling through you’d think that it would be plain-sailing but not for Megan.  We all know how she likes to over analyse and here she went and did just that.  Will’s gesture at the end though, was so romantic even Megan couldn’t talk her way out of that one.  So hopefully smoother times ahead.

Are gaps begining to show?

Are gaps beginning to show?

Last nights episode also opened a small window into a crack in Sage and Rose’s relationship and it seems our twins may not be that sharing after all.  Sage let on that there are some things she would never tell Rose, I have a feeling it could have somethingto do with a boy, maybe a guy called Jake?? There may also be a romance on the cards for Sage with new kitchen help Louis who is Charlie’s cousin, a little hottie there.

We were still in eclipse mode and Claire has been taken to hospital.  Claire has been annoying of late, acting like a spoilt teenager complaining she could never die, I should be so lucky.  Well last night she died, so that shut her up for a few minutes… Well until the sun came back up anyway. 

Claire dies

Claire dies

Mohinder has been so annoying this whole season and I can’t stand his annoying British accent, yes it’s quite good but he’s so preachy I can’t stand him.  He complained when he didn’t have powers and now he’s complaining that he does… someone shut him up already.

Hiro is finally getting his act together again after having his memory erased with the help of loyal sidekick Ando and comic book geeks played by Seth Green and Breckin Meyer.  All will be revealed next week as this episode ended with Hiro tele-porting Claire back to the past where Hiro’s dad was handing Claire over to Noah Bennett.

And Syler is evil again and ended this weeks episode slicing open Elle’s brain, I think there’s a possibility they’re out of their honeymoon period…

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