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Chris Brown Arrested for Assault

It seems music’s most stylish and sexy couple havecrash landed in dramaville.  On Saturday night at Clive Davis’ Pre-Grammys party, Rihanna and Chris Brown got into a huge blowout which resulted in the missus being hospitalized.

Turbulant Times

Turbulent Times

Apparently the fight erupted as the couple were leaving and getting into their car.  Rihanna was left with visible injuries and Chris Brown left the scene and Rihanna to call 911.  Rihanna’s car was seen parked outside LA’s Cedars Sinai Medical Centre at around 3am Sunday morning.

A warrent was issued for Chris Brown’s arrest Sunday morning and at 6.30pm yesterday Chris Brown turned himself in.

If this story is true and Chris Brown really is a woman beater, his career will be severely damaged.  Not only has he hit a woman but he hit Rihanna the biggest woman in music right now.  Let’s wait for the fallout.


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Who Would Have Thought?

Could've been boyband member

Could've been boyband member

Two funny facts, one you may have know and one you may not…

90s pop band Five

90s pop band Five

Russel Brand auditioned to be a member of British Boyband Five and Colin Farrell auditioned to be a member of Bozone.

Boyband dreams

Boyband dreams

I can just see them now, these two are the least squeaky clean celebs there are, they would have set the British Boyband scene on fire and made Robbie Williams look like a choir boy.

Missing Link

Missing Link

Oh well, shame we never got to see them in action.

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What Are You Trying To Prove Jen?

Lets call December naked Jennifer Aniston month as last week shots from her new 2009 calender came out revealing a steamy waterfall shot revealing Jen’s nips to the world and now this week Jen has done a second naked GQ cover and this time wearing nothing but a tie.

Hot bod Jen

Hot bod Jen

Jen does look hot as she is 40 in a couple of months but lets not forget that hasn’t had any kids yet and spends most of her time working out because she has nothing better to do.  I loved Jennifer Aniston in ‘Friends’ as Rachel suited her down to a tee.  Jen said on finishing ‘Friends’ that she wanted to concentrate on her movie career, but lets face it she’s just been playing Rachel in different settings and her fledgling film career hasn’t set the movie industry on fire.

Flashing the nips for new calender

Flashing the nips for new calender

What is Jennifer trying to prove, she hasn’t done naked shots since her ‘Friends’ days, is this her hitting back at Ang?  Both Angelina and Brad’s movies are hotly tipped for Oscars while Jennifer’s ‘Marly and Me’ is another Rachel adventure this time with Owen Wilson.  Jen you have a hot guy again so be happy and settle down… It’s not all about being a movie star as look where that for you last time.

Friends the Movie… watch this space…

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Alexandra Burke Wins X Factor 2008

My favouriteAlexandra Burke has won The X Factor 2008 and is set to become a huge star.   Cheryl Cole who mentored Alexandra has had a successful debut on the show and has definately made her mark.

The Winner

The Winner

Alexandra has been the best singer the X factor has ever had and will definitely be giving Leona Lewis a run for her money.  Alexandra’s debut single ‘Hellalujah’ is available to download from midnight tonight.

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Alexandra and Beyonce Steal The Show

In the X Factor  final main show Alexandra, Eoghan, and JLS all had three songs each to perform, a Christmas song, duet and an encore of one of their favourite performances from the series.

Eoghan kicked off the show with a performance of Wizzard’s ‘I Wish It Could Be Christmas Everyday’ which was okay, bland like all his other performances and slighty lower than I would have liked.  Eoghan also had a duet with Boyzone performing their hit ‘Picture of You’ and finished off with High School Musical’s finale song ‘We’re All in This Together’ a song that was performed in last years final by Same Difference…That worked out well for them didn’t it, lets hope it’s not jinxed.

JLS began their night with Wham’s ‘Last Christmas’ there was a funny Merry Christmas bit that made me laugh but overall it was Astin holding it all together as usual.  JLS performed ‘Flying Without Wings’ as a duet with Westlife and finished off with the ballad they performed in the semi final which got rave reviews from the judges, I’m pretty sure that I’d never heard it before in my life.

Alexandra began her night with Christmas hymn ‘Silent Night’, I would have liked to see something more upbeat but it was a classy performance.  Alexandra’s second performance of Beyonce’s ‘Listen’ which she performed as a duet with Beyonce was by far the best performance of the series and completely outclassed all the other duets and performances.  Simon Cowell and Louis Walsh should have done a better job as mentors to ensure their acts had the best duet partners possible, maybe Boyz II Men for JLS and Mcfly with Eoghan.  Anyway it’s all done now, Alexandra’s final performance that also closed the show was ‘You Are So beautiful’ by Jock Cocker’.

Who will win, we decide.

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We Don’t Want Robbie

Robbie Williams is hinting more and more that he would like to re-join Take That.  Robbie who left the band in 1995 due to an ongoing Feud with Gary Barlow has been living in LA for the past 5 years having enjoyed solo success.

Wants back in

Wants back in

Robbie has been out of the public eye the last year or so after his last album ‘RudeBox’ was a flop, he has since also become obsessed with Aliens.  Take That however have been experiencing huge success and critical acclaim with albums ‘Beautiful World’ and ‘The Circus’

Better than ever

Better than ever

Take That reformed in 2005 after an ITV documentary got the boys back in touch with each other.  Robbie was part of this documentary but refused to attend the reunion as he didn’t want to be in the same room as Gary Barlow.

It seems to me that Robbie only wants to rejoin now because his career is suffering, Take That you don’t need him.

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Pregnant or Bloated???

Pictures have been surfacing lately of Mrs. Avril Lavigne with a slightly rounder belly than usual.

Is she or Isn't she?

Is she or Isn't she?

Now to a normal girl like myself a picture like this is me on a daily basis but for super slim Avril it makes us start to ask questions.

Avril who has been married to Sum 41 front man Deryck Whibley for over two years now has stated that she wouldn’t want to start having a family until she’s in her thirties.  There have also been rumours the last few months that Whibley and Lavigne’s marriage is going through a rocky patch of late, so who’s thinking band-aid baby?

Whatever the truth is pregnant or bloated I hope these two work things out, Avril Whibley anyone?

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Jason Mraz ‘I’m Yours’

Yes I know this clip is old but it has just started to be shown on UK screens and wanted everyone hear his laid back tones.  Enjoy!

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Little Diana Vickers From Bolton

Diana leaves the competition

Diana leaves the competition

Diana Vickers has been voted off The X Factor one week away from the final, this means in next week’s final Alexandra Burke, Eoghan Quigg and JLS will go head to head for the top prize.

Diana sang ‘Girlfriend’ by Avril Levigne and Dido’s ‘White Flag’ which was the song we’d been waiting for her to sing as it suited her voice perfectly. Emotions ran high as Diana’s journey came to an end and it was left to Dermot to tear young lovers Eoghan and Diana away from each other so we could watch her best bits.

At the start of the competition Diana was my favourite to win but after her bout of laryngitis she never got back to her A game and as the other contestants progressed Dian was left playing catch-up.  I’m sure we will see Diana again as she has already built up a fan base among her soon to be peers within the music industry.

I hope the Alexandra wins but next week is way to close to call and all I know is the show will be a spectacle and promises to be full of surprises.

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New Britney Video ‘Circus’

If you haven’t seen it yet here’s the new video to ‘Circus’ watch below or click here enjoy.

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