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Crazy Sentencing

Well we all heard the story of 21 year Aaron Billington, the pastry chef who vandalised Jamiroquai’s front man JayKay’s Ferrari Enzo right?  Well Mr Billington was sentanced today to 20 weeks jail time, he was punished for not answering bail, leaving a B&B without paying and inflicting £10,000 worth of damage to Jay Kay’s sports car.

The damaged motor

The damaged motor

It seems Aaron Billington isn’t that bright but that’s not the reason I’m writing this.  The reason is these unbalanced sentences being handed out as it seems if you damage someones property that carries a heftier punishment than if you were to damage an actual human being.  This is what I think is crazy, Aaron Billington probably would have been better off popping Jay Kay in the face than attacking his car… It’s crazy.  Also let me point out that in no way am I condoning violence I’m just making a point, I also rather like Jay Kay so wouldn’t want anyone hitting him anyway. 

The law definately seems to favour property over people and celebrity over the unknown.  Someone please tell me how this is fair?


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Evil Mother Jailed

Sicko “mother” Karen Matthews has been sentenced to 8 years in Jail for her part in the abduction of her daughter 8 year old Shannon.   Karen’s accomplice in this crime Michael Donovan or Paul Drake as he was also known was also sentenced to 8 years at Leeds Crown Court.



Shannon Matthews went missing last February for 24 days after her mother and Donovan hatched a plan to kidnap Shannon and claim the reward money which they thought would see them rich or so they thought.  Karen Matthews had thought of this evil plan after seeing the press and rewards offered for missing Madeleine McCann.

Karen Matthews is a product of this new underclass who would prefer to steal and claim benefits rather than even contemplate the idea of doing a full days graft.  This new trend is breading evil, terror and ASBOs.

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Kelly’s (NOT) Got Talent

Well it was exactly a week ago news broke that Kelly Brook was to become the 4th judge on hit ITV1 show ‘Britain’s Got Talent’ alongside Piers Morgan, Simon Cowell and Wort-face but how thing change. 

Today Kelly has been asked to leave the show, the ultimate humiliation.



 Apparently Kelly as a forth judge didn’t fit the shows format, funny that, as on all the other talent shows 4 judges has worked perfectly.

Was there in-house fighting, we all know Amanda “wort-face” Holden wasn’t pleased, also Ant and Dec were not too happy either as they found out about Kelly’s addition along with everyone else on the first day of the Manchester auditions last Tuesday…  couldn’t be good for their egos.

There is also a chance that Kelly is just not very bright and although she looks great may not have that much to give opinion wise.  Let’s not forget Kelly was sacked from Channel 4’s ‘Big Breakfast’ for being dim and not having personality.

Kelly has been publicly dumped yet again but not all is lost she has a hot boyfriend and looks pretty damn good in a bikini.  Maybe Kelly should just stick to bikini modelling… something so pretty doesn’t have to speak.

You can catch Kelly in her limited run role as guest 4th judge this spring when the Manchester auditions are aired on ITV1

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New Britain’s Got Talent Judge

Britain’s Got Talent has taken the lead from The X Factor and added a new hottie to the Judges table.  Amanda ‘wort face’ Holden may have been the golden girl in the past season’s of the Simon Cowell led hit ITV show but a new broad is in town. 

Kelly Brook has been confirmed as a new 4th judge of the hit show… lets see if she gets the seat next to the man himself.

New Judge

New Judge

In the summer Cheryl Cole was added to ‘The X Factor’ lineup and it completely changed her career, she has now become a British National treasure.  Adding Kelly to the lineup of ‘Britain’s Got Talent’ is seen to be an attempt to re-create that magic. 

What will Amanda think?..

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Prince Harry the Royal Fool

The News of the World released a video over the weekend showing Prince Harry using derogatory racist terms. 

The video filmed by Harry was made around 3 years ago and shows him filming his sleeping comrades in a city airport.  Harry sweeps across his friends making little comments then zooms in on an Asian officer and says “ah, our little Paki friend… Ahmed”.   Later in the video he refers to another of his friends as a “Raghead”.

Harry in his Nazi costume

Harry in his Nazi costume

The army are said to be investigating this video and may take action, although I’m sure they won’t. 
Harry has previously been embroiled in a racism row after deciding to wear a Nazi costume to a party, again Harry apologised for any upset he may have caused.
Although I don’t believe Harry is a complete racist, we are all guilty of Racism in some form occasionally.  The thing that struck me with the Harry video was the ease at which he used the term “Paki” he didn’t even have to think about using it.  Apparently Harry was using this as a term of endearment and it was what all his fellow officers used to refer to Ahmed, does this make it right?
Harry’s people will use his extensive charity work etc. to get him out of this furore but how much of it does he want to do and how much does he have to?  Harry is never pictured when out on the town with friends from other races and has a blonde, blue eyed South African as a girlfriend.  South Africa one of the most racist countries in the world.  See me saying that can be construed as racist.
Basically Prince Harry needs to definitely think before he speaks or even steps outside and take a long hard look at his so-called friends as this video was private and was leaked by someone close to him.
View the video here

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Yes TFL Fares Are Rising

This weirdly hasn’t been in the news or in any newspapers and if it has they’ve not made a big deal of it but TFL fares are to increase at the beginning of 2009, this means buses, tubes and trams are all going to be that much more expensive in a time of financial hardship.

2009 Fare Increases
2009 Fare Increases

Dependent on where you travel determines your increase.  A monthly zones 1-4 travelcard will rise by around £12.  These rises will not go down well with commuters as purse strings are already strained and it seems we are paying for a service which is not improving.  Click herefor 2009 TFL fares.

Something needs to be done.

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Another Evil Mother

As Britain still mourns the death of Baby P at the hands of his evil parent’s another story has taken president in the media, the story of Shannon Matthews who was kidnapped by her mother’s arrangement.  The story reads like a Hollywood film, where a parent arranges their own child’s kidnapping for monetary gains ‘Man On Fire’ tackled this exact story, but we didn’t think something like this would happen in real life, especially after the disappearance of Madeleine McCann, but if has.

Karen Matthews

Karen Matthews

Karen Matthews hatched a plan that would see her daughter kidnapped and drugged in order to receive donations and claim the £50,000 reward.  Matthews 33, was in cahoots with Michael Donovan, the uncle of her 22yr old live in lover Craig Meehan in a plan that would hope to see them rich.



Michael Donovan, formally known as Paul Drake, abducted Shannon on her way home from a swimming lesson and kept her in his flat for 24 days until she was found by police hidden in the underneath of a bed along with Donovan.
   When Shannon was found there were traces of tamazepam and travel sickness drugs in her system and further tests done on her hair revealed that she had been drugged by her mother for years before the kidnapping.
Matthews’ story began to unravel to the public and the village of Dewsbury when after being found Shannon did not return to her home, questions were answered when Matthews was brought into custody.
   Looking back at all the press Karen Matthews did including an exclusive interview with GMtv during the time Shannon was missing there was a definite lack of care and anguish regarding her daughters disappearance.  At the time no one would know how to act or what to look for so Matthews’ odd behaviour was put down to nerves. 
   Yesterday Karen Matthews and Michael Donovan were found guilty of kidnapping and will be sentences later this year.  they are both being held in police custody.
   This is a disgusting story of greed, sloth, envy and a new benefit under class that see no reason to ever work and if they don’t have enough money their answer is to have more children.  It’s hard to say what can be done about this but all I know is that it is an issue that needs to seriously be addressed.

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Is That Punishment?

Sharon Shoesmith, the stern-faced head of children’s services in Haringay has now been fired.  Shoesmith had refused to show any remorse for the misgivings of her department within Haringay Council that led to the death of Baby P.  Now, we know this poor baby died at the hands of his evil parents but Shoesmith’s job and that of her department was to take children out of danger and keep them safe.  Baby P had 60 visits from social workers and none of them did their jobs properly and this resulted in a little boy dying.

When the news broke of the amount of abuse this little 17 month old sustained the public were outraged, Ms Shoesmith however was defiant in saying her team had done all they could.  This was obviously a complete farce and all she had to do was admit to the mistakes and agree to make the service better.  Let’s not forget that it was the same children’s services department in Haringay that allowed the death of 8 year old Victoria Climbie, another death that could have been stopped if the social workers did their jobs properly.

Fired and Rewarded

Fired and Rewarded

Sharon Shoesmtih was on a salary of £100,000 a year and her departments had a yearly budget of £100 million yet this was not enough to allow her to do her job properly and to save the children of Haringay from these evil people.  In normal jobs away from the public sector, lets say if you were a factory worker and it was your responsibility to keep a certain machine clean and in perfect running order.  Now, you’ve become complacent in your job and aren’t cleaning the machine as much as you should.  One day someone uses the machine and gets badly injured, this is a direct result of your lack of care in your job and you are then rightly so fired especially after you didn’t take responsibility for the accident at all.  Would you then expect to receive a huge payout for your failings and causing injury to someone???

This is exactly what is happening to Sharon Shoesmith, she has been fired for not doing her job properly resulting in a child dying and now she is expected to get a six figure payout for her trouble.  This is absolutely absurd and this country and government need to stop rewarding people for not doing their jobs properly, we need to make a stand.  This has to stop.

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Racists? Exposed

10,000 names and contact details of British National Party members have been leaked online by what’s thought to be a disgruntled ex member.

Members Exposed

Members Exposed

The full list can be found via this link http://www.bnpmemberslist.co.uk/  Please have a look there are some great emails on there.

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