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Is Rihanna Really That Stupid?

People Magazine is reporting that Rihanna is back with her reported abusive partner Chris Brown, but is this true?  People Magazine often print false articles, although I’m sure this isn’t on purpose, but the thing with “a close source” is that this “source” could be talking a load of bull.  The thing with celebrity is that only they know the truth. 

Rihanna’s parents and friends are said to not have wanted the couple back together and after that police picture was leaked last week by TMZ this whole incident became real with not only those close to Rihanna but the general public also.  This story is being reported all over the world and domestic abuse victims are looking to Rihanna to maybe become the public face and bring this issue to the forefront.  Yes Rihanna didn’t choose to be in this role but sometimes you are put in positions and you just have to step up. 

Back together?

Back together?

So what impact will Rihanna getting back with Chris Brown have?  Well for him it could be the difference between career suicide, which is where he is now and salvaging a career with the possibility of still making records, which I’m guessing is where he wants to be.  Chris Brown’s career will never be the same after this but there is a chance he could still have one and one thing that would help this is Rihanna publicly forgiving him. 

But what about Rihanna, how will this affect her?  Well after the attack her album sales had a rise of 31% in the week following, this brought her album back into the top 30 on the Bilboard charts, Chris Brown’s failed to make the top 200.  Now top 30 may not seem that much but the album Good Girl Gone Bad was released in 2007 and has already had 8 top 10 singles released from it so really it should be falling off the charts.  Rihanna will also be asked to do a lot of press and guest appearances and her worldwide profile is definitely on a major rise.  Also we are all waiting to see how she makes her move back into music following the attack and let’s face it if it’s a new single and video we will all be watching.  Getting back with Chris Brown however may be a not so good move for her career wise as it shows her as weak and makes the incident less spectacular, it definitely makes him look a lot better.

BUT… and there is a big but, People Magazine may have got the whole thing completely wrong which wouldn’t be a first and this whole Rihanna back with Chris thing t may come to nothing.  Chris Brown’s hearing is this Thursday 5th March so providing it isn’t pushed back we have to just wait and see how this story unfolds and I’m am sure there is still so much more to come.


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What’s the deal with Chris Brown?

So Chris Brown allegedly flipped out and beat Rihanna, the real question here is has he done it before?  For this to be so public and so out of control Chris would have had to have been on some serious drugs or this wasn’t the first time he’s attached her before. 

Chris Brown who has already had two hit albums and numerous sponsorship and commercial deals under his belt at just 19 years old is seeing his career crumble around him.  His squeaky clean image of no drink or drugs is coming back to bite him on the ass, lets face it no one would bat an eyelid if it was 50 cent in Chris’ place, but Chris Brown it’s just shocking.

Fallen star

Fallen star

Neither Chris or Rihanna have made statements and both are currently in hiding.  Chris is currently in hiding at the Hard Rock Hotel in Vegas and Rihanna is M.I.A. staying with friends.  The silence needs to be broken and one of them need to make an appearance soon because rumourville is getting out of hand.

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Chris Brown Arrested for Assault

It seems music’s most stylish and sexy couple havecrash landed in dramaville.  On Saturday night at Clive Davis’ Pre-Grammys party, Rihanna and Chris Brown got into a huge blowout which resulted in the missus being hospitalized.

Turbulant Times

Turbulent Times

Apparently the fight erupted as the couple were leaving and getting into their car.  Rihanna was left with visible injuries and Chris Brown left the scene and Rihanna to call 911.  Rihanna’s car was seen parked outside LA’s Cedars Sinai Medical Centre at around 3am Sunday morning.

A warrent was issued for Chris Brown’s arrest Sunday morning and at 6.30pm yesterday Chris Brown turned himself in.

If this story is true and Chris Brown really is a woman beater, his career will be severely damaged.  Not only has he hit a woman but he hit Rihanna the biggest woman in music right now.  Let’s wait for the fallout.

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Who Wins We Decide

Rihanna’s out and Beyonce’s back in, allegedly, add Westlife and Boyzone to the fold teamed with the X Factor finalists then we have ourselves our Saturday night showdown.

Tonight will see either Alexandra Burke, Eoghan Quigg or JLS realise their dream of pop stardom, the other two losers will have all their hopes dashed for at least an hour.  The winner of this years X Factor will win a £1million recording contract and sign to SonyBMG under the SyCo label.  We’ve had all the sob stories, the tears and the sick relatives and now it all comes down to us, the voting public.

Alexandra has now become the odds on favourite to take the prize but let’s not rule out squidgy Eoghan or girl crushing JLS as they all have their supporters and the finale show normally draws in the most votes of the season so anything could happen.

As the rumours stand at the moment Beyonce will duet with Alexandra, Westlife with JLS and Boyzone with Eoghan although lets face it Boyzone and Westlife are both eaqually as dull.

The real X Factor winner

The real X Factor winner

The only thing that doesn’t have to be speculated about in tonight’s show is that Simon Cowell will be laughing all the way to the bank adding to his growing bank balance as he, as always, is the real winner.

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Now Rihanna Has X Factor

Another day another rumour, today the rumour is that Rihanna will be appearing on the X Factor Final and performing a duet with JLS.

X Factor Duet

X Factor Duet

This is odd because if the rumours are true they would be pairing Boyzone with Alexandra and Duffy with Eoghan, surely Rihanna and Alexandra would be a better pairing?  It’s clear that ‘No Matter What’ happens Boyzone unfortunately will be on the show.

Also, Rihanna is the biggest thing in music right now so it’s funny that they have gone for her over Beyonce, not too good for Sasha Fierce’s ego I imagine.

I wonder who will be in the rumour mill tomorrow?

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The Hervé Léger Obsession

Beyonce, Christina Milian, Kim Kardashian, Kimora Lee Siommons, Mel B

Beyonce, Christina Milian, Kim Kardashian, Kimora Lee Simmons, Mel B

Over the last couple of years there’s been a new celebrity trend of celebrity’s wearing skin tight dresses that make their bodies look amazing – the bandage dress.  Unlike other trends these dresses are all made by one designer and as soon as you see the dress you know exactly what it is, a Hervé Léger by Max Azria.

Victoria Beckham and Rihanna

Victoria Beckham and Rihanna

Pretty much every hot woman in Hollywood owns at least one Hervé Léger dress as these are the party dresses you wear to make heads turn.  Celebrities love these dresses so much they wear them more than once and even wear the dress knowing other celebs have been pictured in the same one…  That’s how popular these bad boys are.

Rachel Bilson

Rachel Bilson

Max Azria a Tunisian designer acquired the Hervé Léger label in the 90s and has since along with the help of his wife made Hervé Léger a staple dress for young Hollywood.

Cherl Cole and Posh.  Cheryl the only person who makes a Hervé Léger dress look big.

Cheryl Cole and Posh. Cheryl the only person who makes a Hervé Léger dress look big.

These dresses have been seen on everyone from Catherine Zeta Jones and Kate Winslet to Hayden Panettiere, Audrina Partride to Mariah Carey, they make everyone look hot, sexy and curvy… I want one!

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What’s It All About?

So the American Music Awards took place the other night and it seemed it was all about the ladies, with stonking performances from a slightly off key Christina Aguilera, a draw dropping Rihanna, Beyonce and Brit Leona Lewis.

The Glove

The Glove

Performances where great, everyone looked good so can’t really complain… BUT.  Since B has been back in our faces after her marriage to Jay Z she has been wearing this weird metal robot hand on her left hand.  Can somebody please tell me what it’s about???  At the World Music Awards B had a weird lollipop style ring on her wedding finger…  Is she hiding the fact that Jay Z didn’t buy her a wedding ring????

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